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Before you head off to any location for your engagement, bridal or wedding photos, be sure to contact the proper authorities (read: property management or city permit office) to see if a permit is neces- sary for shooting photos in a particular location. In most cases you’ll be in the clear, but occasionally your photographer might be asked to obtain a permit for a nominal fee.
It’s also a good idea to keep your guests in mind if you’re planning to have your photos taken during the cocktail hour or between your ceremony and reception. They’ll be anxiously awaiting your arrival to the festivities, and it’s in poor taste to keep them waiting longer than 45 minutes.
If you absolutely can’t fit all your must-have photos in that time frame, consider having your photos taken before the ceremony or having a separate photo session (in full wedding attire) prior to your wedding day.
Park It
Do a little bit of scouting before your wedding day and check out a few scenic
parks near your ceremony or reception location. Tree-filled arboretums in the fall, flowering botanical gardens in the spring or summer, or rustic nature preserves any time of the year will highlight Mother Nature’s beauty and give a seasonal look to your photos.
Urban Affair
If you’re a city girl at heart, take to the streets for great photos. Lighthearted snaps of the two of you hailing a cab, peeking around a lamppost, or walking through downtown streets are great
shots for your scrapbook and even better for thank you notes. Keep your eye out for interesting architectural details as you are cruising the city; sometimes the best photographs are shot in places that seem ordinary.
Culture Shock
Make your photo session a cultural affair by posing for a few memories at an art gallery. The stark interiors surrounded by colorful artwork make for chic, sophisti- cated photos. You can pose next to sculp- tures, lounge on the front steps, or be

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