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That’s why it is essential to choose a pro- fessional photographer to capture those moments, from the ornate details of your wedding gown to your first dance as hus- band and wife.
“Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and you want to trust a professional photographer to capture those memories with beautiful images,” says Linda Scott, Marketing Campaign Manager at Profes- sional Photographers of America (PPA). “A professional photographer has the educa- tion, experience and artistry necessary to document and preserve your special day.”
Choose a Photographer Carefully
With the popularity and accessibility of digital cameras, an increasing number of amateur photographers are advertising their services to brides, despite having little to no experience photographing weddings. In addition, many couples now- adays are asking family friends or relatives to serve as photographers as a budget- friendly alternative.
The reality is your wedding photog- raphy is simply too valuable to entrust to anyone other than a professional. A professional photographer is prepared for the myriad challenges of shooting a wedding, such as working in a variety
of lighting conditions, capturing special moments in an unobtrusive way, and expecting the unexpected.
For example, “A bride may have planned for an outdoor ceremony and reception, but suddenly it starts rain- ing and the event has to move indoors,”
says James Yates, Communications Specialist at PPA. “A professional pho- tographer will know how to quickly and effectively transition between indoor and outdoor lighting to ensure your photos are flawless.”
To make it easy for brides to find a pro- fessional wedding photographer, PPA offers With near- ly 30,000 members in its database, this free online search tool gives you the abili- ty to find local PPA photographers special- izing in a variety of styles.
Professional or Amateur – How Do You Know?
How can you be certain that you’re dealing with a professional photographer? According to Scott, there are certain qual- ities that differentiate a professional pho- tographer from an amateur.

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