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“Compared to previous gener- ations, today’s groom is more fashion-conscious and mindful of the latest trends in men’s fash- ion,” Caporale says. “He wants a youthful, modern look that reflects his own sense of style.”
An increasing number of grooms are making the decision on the selection of the tuxedo or suit on their own, and asking the bride to help with color co- ordination of the accessories. However, Caporale recommends brides accompany their groom to the tuxedo shop to assist in the decision-making process.
“The bride handles the colors of the bridesmaid dresses and wedding theme, so she should be part of the decision-making process,” Caporale says. “While the groom chooses the style and fit he wants, the bride ensures everything works well with the wed- ding colors.”
According to Nancy MacDonald, Assis- tant Vice President of Marketing at Tuxedo Junction, the bride and groom should keep in mind what tuxedo style best fits the groomsmen as well. “Many brides love to see their groom in a slim-fit tuxedo, but he might have someone in his wedding party who would not feel comfortable in this par- ticular style,” MacDonald says. “Just like choosing a dress for the bridesmaids, a groom should consider every groomsmen in his wedding party.”
For a groom who wants a slim fit for himself and a modern fit for the grooms- men, for example, MacDonald recommends a black tuxedo to ensure everyone has the same look. “Specific tuxedo colors such as white, ivory and shades of grey can be chal- lenging to mix and match different silhou- ettes because colors may vary,” she adds.
Today’s Tuxedo Styles
The timeless tuxedo is still the most popular ensemble for grooms to wear on their wedding day. No matter how casual a groom might be in everyday life, once he puts on a tuxedo, he transforms into a clas- sic Hollywood movie star.
According to MacDonald, tuxedo and suit styles consist of three main fits: mod- ern fit, slim fit and traditional fit. Modern fit is a fashion-forward style with a slightly tapered silhouette.
“Modern fit is tailored closer to the body with smaller armholes in the jacket and a soft shoulder,” MacDonald says. “The pants are non-pleated, without a satin stripe, and are slimmer through the thighs. This flatter- ing style works for a majority of men, regardless of body type.”
Popular among today’s celebrities and pop stars, a slim fit tuxedo is very sup- pressed to the body and features a slim- ming appearance and a shorter length. It has a modern edge and sleek aesthetic. As the description suggests, a slim fit tuxedo is ideal for men who have a fit body.
A traditional fit tuxedo fea- tures a classic, fuller cut. Ideal for men with a larger frame, this style has more room in the shoulders, chest and sleeves.
“The majority of grooms want a modern fit tuxedo – this is the most popular style in men’s for- malwear,” Caporale says. “The slim fit tuxedo is designed for the fashionable customer who knows what he wants, wears slim-fit styles normally and has a specific look in mind.”
Today’s tuxedos typically fea- ture a two- button closure on the jacket, although one- button is
growing in popularity. The jacket’s lapel is commonly trimmed in satin for an under- stated look. While long ties are still in style, bow ties are experiencing a comeback among millennial grooms. In fact, Caporale finds that 65 percent of men are choosing bow ties over traditional ties.
Many grooms wear a vest in the same color or pattern as the tuxedo. To give a pop of color, the neckwear and pocket square will match the hue of the bridesmaid dresses. “The amount of color in a tuxedo is subdued compared to previous years,” MacDonald says. “Today’s groom wants a more sophisticated style.”
When it comes to trends in men’s footwear, brown-colored leather shoes are the latest trend. Grooms are wearing shades of brown, such as tan, chocolate or chestnut, with a navy or grey tuxedo. Compared to tra- ditional black shoes, a brown-colored shoe tones down the formal look of a tuxedo and creates a more casual appearance.
Trendy Tuxes
Decades ago, the classic black tuxedo was considered the best color of all. Now,

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