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P. 4’re getting married!
You are about to embark on an amazing journey with this person you’ve decided to spend your life with. And it all starts with a party! It may feel overwhelming at first, but armed with a budget and a plan we are confident you can create a beautiful celebration without breaking the bank.
The best place to start is with Planning Your Budget on page 22 and Planning Your Guest List on page 112. These two little articles give you the foundation for your planning. Once you know how much and how many there’s a 12-month countdown on page 8 that helps with the when of things.
Most couples have an idea of how they want this day to look and feel like. Now it’s just a matter of finding the vendors to help bring your ideas to life. That’s where we come in! This magazine and our website are filled with many local wedding professionals ready to help you. Thumb through our pages and you’ll see many beautiful photo- graphs of local couples shot by local photographers – most of the photos used in our magazine come from our photography advertisers.
Whether yours is a small and intimate celebration or a huge blowout, with a little planning your wedding celebration will be a unique expression of your personal style.
Happy planning...happy wedding...happy life!
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