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Different Styles, Different Gowns
Like all accessories, different styles of veils will look better with different styles of gowns. A simple gown can turn into a luxurious look when paired with a long veil covered in exquisite details. Likewise, a more formal ball gown can be trans- formed into simple elegance with a low- key veil. There are certainly styles of veils that will or won’t work with different looks; however, there are no specific rules when it comes to matching a veil style with a
gown style. Ultimately, it comes down to personal taste. You’ll know when some- thing works or doesn’t work.
As far as your options, you have many. The list of styles is endless! And these days, veils are highly customizable, so brides can add, remove, and change almost anything about a sample style. The most common lengths are cathedral, chapel, fingertip, elbow, and the blusher. Popular styles include classic one- and two-tier veils, mantilla, waterfall, petal, flirt, and pout.
What are some other things you should know before you start your search for the perfect veil? Look around to see what other brides have worn with similar styles of gowns. Check out Pinterest, search the online bridal blogs, and flip through magazines for ideas. It’s also important to keep your hairstyle in mind as you shop, because certain hairstyles will work better with certain veils.
There are several things to look at in order to create a cohesive, pulled-together look. For example, a bride with a lace gown may want to add small bits of lace into her hair for an elegant way to pull her look together. Likewise, the finishing touch for a gown with fabric flowers may be a classic fabric flower in the bride’s hair.
An intricate lace edge veil with a lace gown can be absolutely lovely. A simpler gown can be paired with a show stopping style of veil, or a family heirloom. A cathe- dral veil with beaded or rhinestone edging will likely frame most gowns well. Tying the look together is extremely important.
Contrast is also critical in some cases. If the gown is heavily beaded, the veil

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