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Dazzling Desserts
Doughnuts are the dessert of choice right now. A selection of delectable full-sized or miniature doughnuts will have your guests begging for more. Get creative and deep fry them, then serve with a refreshing scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.
Creative desserts are growing in popularity. Have a dessert station or table with a mix of fun miniature treats so guests can pick their favorites. Or, host an ice cream truck and let guests pick their favorite novelty ice creams. Get crafty and offer some fun choices that your friends and family will love.
Naked cakes are a thing of the past. Now, nearly-naked cakes are stepping up to the plate. These nearly-naked cakes have just a hint of buttercream or whipped cream frosting spread across them. Just a small taste does wonders, and creates a stylish look in photos.
Always Entertaining
Go beyond the photo booth this year with a stop-motion video booth. Friends and family will be dying of laughter as they create fun videos to post to social media and share with others, so make sure your wedding hashtag is on point.
A live artist, like a painter or caricature artist, makes for a spectac- ular attraction. Guests will not only enjoy being drawn, but will also
love to watch the artist in action. Classic outdoor games like cro- quet and giant Jenga are the perfect addition to a cocktail hour. Casino games also provide tons of enter- tainment. Just make sure guests are playing for chocolates instead
of money.
A Perfect Party
Trends come and go, but an amazing wedding experience will stay with you and your guests forever. If you pick ideas that make you excited, your guests are guaranteed to love your event. Create fun experiences and exciting moments, and don’t forget to enjoy every second. §
denniS Crider photography
denniS Crider photography

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