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CourteSy of miXX mobile bar
Create an experience with your food. Stations are always extremely popular and give guests the opportunity to walk around and pick their favorite foods. Allow guests to select their own protein at carv- ing stations. Serve bite-sized nibbles or miniature versions of local favorites. Have a make your own stir-fry station serving guests with mini Chinese take-out con- tainers. Pack a picnic for each table, with quiches and sandwiches, and allow guests to serve themselves. It’s all about doing something that guests have never tried before and giving them delicious food they’ll be raving about for years to come.
Make sure to serve a fantastic midnight snack to keep your guests going all night long. Tasty tacos are a popular choice, and the perfect pick-me-up during a long evening of dancing. Have a chef make tacos to order so guests can get exactly what they like and get back out on the dance floor, re-energized!
Drink Up!
Mobile bars are becoming extremely popular and offer a fun alternative to a traditional set up. Select drinks that you love, like your favorite craft beers and your go-to cocktail. Guests will love getting to know you through your tastebuds.
For a more formal event, the traditional champagne toast is always lovely. Make it unique by adding a few raspberries in each glass before filling them. They add beautiful color, taste, and just a little something extra!

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