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T R E N D BS Magic Moments
The first look isn’t just for you and your future spouse anymore. A father of the bride first look is the perfect way for your daddy to see his little girl before the big moment. It’s a touching time that will stay with you forever.
During the wedding, escape as a newlywed pair for just a few min- utes. Whether you eat your dessert alone in the bridal suite or just find time to take a couple breaths alone, couples are finding a moment of time to spend together. Magic happens on your wedding day. Take a second to enjoy it together.
A Foodie Experience
Gone are the days of traditional wed- ding fare. Goodbye chicken slathered in gravy! So long over-buttered veggies! It’s time for a new standard of wedding food. Create a unique palate that shows off your personal tastes and allows guests to really enjoy an experience.
Non-traditional foods are taking center- stage, like comfort foods, local cuisine, and the couple’s personal favorites. It’s all about choosing food that you love.
Ethnic foods are also becoming ex- tremely popular, with Mexican, Japanese, and Peruvian cuisines at the forefront. Select fare that goes together, but don’t be afraid to go with a fusion-style meal that incorporates many different styles.

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