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The Ideal Destination For Your Wedding
Been thinking about a destination wedding, but don’t have the budget for the Caribbean? Why not consider a destination wedding at a not-so-far destination. You can get a little bit of that island-feel right here in your own backyard. Lake Erie Shores & Islands – Sandusky, Huron, Port Clinton, the Lake Erie
Islands – are just a short drive away, yet you’ll feel like you’re miles away from Ohio and the Midwest.
It’s no wonder nearly seven million peo- ple visit Sandusky and Erie County each year, solidifying its position as one of the most appealing vacation spots in the Midwest. From lakefront hotels and cottages to unspoiled natural coastlines, championship golf courses to wineries, the Lake Erie region of Ohio is brimming with a host of places to go and things to do.
If you’re from this area chances are you’ve been to Cedar Point in Sandusky – many area high schools host their “after- prom” at Cedar Point. Granted, Cedar Point is fun – it has been voted world’s best amusement park by the Travel Channel – but there’s so much more to this part of Ohio and the Lake Erie coast than just roller coasters. Whether you’re looking to boat and fish or just get away for a few lazy
days at the beach, the Lake Erie Shores and Islands offer a coastal retreat with abun- dant recreation options.
With so much to offer it’s no wonder this area is alive with weddings and wedding- related outings each year. If you’d like to incorporate a little of that “vacation” feel into your wedding, read on. Below are just a few options to help you plan that destina- tion wedding you’ve been dreaming of.

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