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q3 Save-the date cards – They announce your engagement. They are mailed about six to seven months prior to your wedding date.
q Wedding Invitations – They should be mailed
between six and eight weeks prior to the wedding. Include a reception card, reply card and self-addressed envelope. If a family member or friend is hosting the “morning- after” brunch, include this with the wedding invitation. It is generally recommended to order extra invitations to account for last- minute guests, ones lost in the mail or to save as keepsakes.
q3 Rehearsal dinner – The invitation to this dinner, which traditionally takes place the night preceding the wedding, should never be mailed before the wedding invitation. Mail it two weeks prior to the date of the dinner.
q3 Confirmation packet – For a destination wedding or for out-of-town guests. It includes maps, hotel and sightseeing information.
Green Choices
Today there are more options for environmentally-aware brides looking to incorporate their values into their invita- tion. Two areas where brides can make a difference are in the selection of paper and inks. There are a variety of paper companies offering “tree-free” papers, such as Crane’s & Co. and Neenah Paper.
Another option for waste-conscious brides with less formal invites is to forgo the unsealed inner envelope. The tradition of an additional inner envelope dates back to when correspon- dence was sent by foot or horse, to ensure that the invitation was properly protected throughout its journey. Today, omitting an inner envelope provides another opportunity to conserve resources without undermining the style of your invitation set.
In addition to finding recycled card stock, you may also
request for your printer to use soy or vegetable-based inks. Soy based inks are made from a renewable resource – soybeans. They are biodegradable in landfills and are more conducive to cleanup with degradable and less toxic cleaners than petroleum-based inks. For more information ask your printer if they offer the option of printing with soy inks.
q3 Welcome packet – This awaits guests on the day of their arrival and includes some of the same information distributed to out-of-town guests, like a map to the ceremony locale. Many couples are opting to also include a welcome basket filled with snacks or small gifts upon
3guests’ arrival.
q Ceremony program – This booklet outlines the ceremony proceedings. It includes information such as the date, names of the bridal party, the order of events and titles of readings and songs. Many couples honor deceased loved ones, thank important people and explain unfamiliar rites of the ceremony in the
3 program.
q Menu, escort and place cards – These items are distributed to guests at the reception to guide
3them to their seats and through their meal.
q Thank-you cards – These cards should be ordered at the time of your invitations.
As gifts arrive, couples can send a prompt handwritten thank-you.

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