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“The better the quality of the flowers and the sooner we get them, the better the end result will be,” she explains.
Before the flowers are processed for preservation, they are photographed, dia- grammed and the bouquets are disassem- bled. The freeze-drying process involves a machine extracting water vapor from the flowers. Once the process is complete, the preservationist can then put the flow- ers back in their original design or create a new one.
Saadeh works with brides to create their personalized keepsakes via in-per- son or online consultations. A variety of display options are available, including shadowboxes, display cases and glass- domed frames, all of which are UV pro- tected to ensure the flowers are safe from environmental factors. “Shadow boxes have gained popularity recently,” Saadeh says. “You can get very creative with them because you can place items on the bot- tom ledge or add a frame within the frame.” For the displays, color options range from contemporary black and sil- ver to classic cherry and rosewood. Brides provide Saadeh with keepsakes from their wedding to complete the one-of- a-kind design. “They give me invitations,
pictures, tiaras, garters, pins, gloves – I’ve even done full veils in the display,” Saadeh explains. The entire process, from preservation to designing the keepsake, takes several months to complete.
Saadeh’s latest venture is handmade floral jewelry, an ancient art form practiced for centuries by nuns overseas. The essence of your wedding flowers can be forever captured in beautiful floral beads or stones, which are assembled with ster- ling silver or gold components to create personalized jewelry that will bring to mind your wedding day. The complex process to transform your wedding flow- ers into beads involves freeze-drying the petals to preserve the brilliant colors and pulverizing them into a paste. Moisture is then added so the flower mixture can be rolled into beads or stones. Colors from different kinds of flowers can be combined to create a unique swirl effect.
Brides can choose from necklaces, ear- rings, bracelets, anklets and rosaries in a variety of styles. “We try to carry mostly styles that are classic and timeless,” Saadeh explains. Designs include heart pendants and teardrop earrings. “I had one bride who wanted a rosary made, thinking that one day she will have a
daughter, and when the daughter gets married she can put the rosary into her bouquet,” Saadeh says. “It would be something special shared between them.”
There are few occasions in life that touch your heart the way your wedding will. Whether you decide to have your wedding bouquet made into a beautiful piece to display in your new home or have a piece of jewelry made from the beautiful floral beads, you can be sure that preserving your wedding flowers will continue to remind you of this special day for years to come. §
And now...
Freshly Preserved...
a new line of real flowers that are preserved before your bouquet is made
• Soft to the touch with a natural
• A bouquet of Freshly Preserved
flowers can last up to 3 years
• Many varieties of flowers available
• Eco-friendly
• Biodegradable
• Toxin-free

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