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T R E N D BS Fantastic Florals
This year is all about gorgeous flowers! Skip that perfectly round look and create a garden-like style with bouquets and centerpieces that look just a little bit wild. Natural shapes are on trend, and low centerpieces or runners are definitely en vogue. Unique shapes, like fun wreaths or letters make for a stunning feature wall or backdrop. It’s all about creating texture.
Pick beautiful blooms in lush pastels, then add some pops of bold colors for an eye- catching style. Enhance the look with lots of flowing greens. And, step aside, peonies! The dahlia is this year’s flower. With a relatively long growing season, the dahlia is read- ily available for much of the year and comes in colors that really make a statement.
Pick unique vessels to create a beautiful look on your tables. Bonus points if you mix and match differ- ent vases and compotes to create a unique look that’s all your own. Glass vessels are extremely popular this year, with colored glass and milk glass options leading the way.
Inviting Stationery
Innovation is having a moment in sta- tionery. People are looking for the next big thing and trying out new materials to find it. Say goodbye to paper invitations and wel- come fabrics, stone, and wood. Getting adven- turous with your materials sets the tone for the day. Keep your materials similar to the rest of your décor to show guests a sneak peek of what’s to come at your event.
The more pieces, the better! Make your invitations stand out by adding fun extras like a map of the area where your event will be and some of your favorite hotspots nearby. Add a brief, personalized note about how you’re looking forward to seeing your guests. Include a spot for guests to send you a song they’d love to dance to on the big day – it’s a great way to ensure the dance floor stays packed all night!
Don’t forget to create a color palette and style that you can take through all pieces of your stationery, starting with your save-the- dates and ending with your thank you notes.
invitation provided by paper mill Studio
invitation provided by pink tomato Creative

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