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A great looking cake is all about one thing: the icing. The icing that covers your cake provides the base for the decoration, and helps seal in the flavor and moisture of the cake itself. The most popular icing for wedding cakes is buttercream, a creamy, spreadable icing that’s made from butter and sugar.
Rolled fondant is another popular icing for wedding cakes. Fondant is literally rolled out flat and then draped over the cake to provide a completely smooth, firm surface for decorating. Made from sugar and gelatin, fondant has a distinct flavor that may not appeal to everyone; however cake designers can add flavoring to rolled fondant to make it more palatable.
Chocolate lovers might choose ganache, an icing that is made of heavy cream and
chocolate. Ganache has the consistency of a thick mousse, which makes it ideal for use as a filling as well as an icing.
One of the lesser-used icing options is marzipan, a rolled paste of ground almonds, egg whites, and sugar that can be draped over a cake much like fondant. Most are more familiar with marzipan in holiday candies and cookies, but it can also be used for icing and decorating wedding cakes. It’s a great option for couples who don’t care for the flavor of fondant, but like the smooth surface it provides for decorating.
Fill It Up
The icing may create a beautiful cake, but it’s what’s inside that counts. A cake falls flat if it doesn’t taste as great as it looks, and the best way to give it flavor is with the batter and the filling. Wedding cake batter is usually a very simple flavor
so that it won’t compete too heavily with the sweetness of the icing or the filling. The most popular batter is plain white, though yellow and pound cake are increasingly popular. Chocolate is another favorite, but is seen more often in the groom’s cake as opposed to the wedding cake. When you meet with your cake designer, ask for a sample of his or her most popular batter flavors. You’ll have a better idea of the subtle differences in each, and be able to choose a filling that best complements the flavor.
The cake batter can be any flavor you want, but the filling is what actually gives a wedding cake its personality. Filling sepa- rates the layers of a cake, adding additional flavor and richness. Filling is usually fruit or cream based and depending on the number of tiers, many brides choose two or three different fillings.
Tropical fruit or liqueur infused fillings are two of the hottest trends, with every- thing from Grand Marnier and kumquat to Kahlua and devil’s food.
Top It Off
Kissing doves, plastic brides and grooms, and intertwined hearts are passé. Today’s cake toppers have personality and style that mimic the bride and groom. While fresh flowers that coordinate with the bridal bouquet are perennial favorites, there are loads of other options to make your cake as unique as you are.
Handcrafted sugar or gum paste flowers, a flowing ribbon created from marzipan, or even a shiny, spun-sugar bow create drama atop a stacked confec- tion. Not your style? Sentimental couples might choose an antique or heirloom cake topper, perhaps one belonging to a parent or grandparent. It’s a nice family tribute when paired with a cake in a complemen- tary style.
If all these toppers are too status quo for you, consider having a topper created

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