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• Do you want to write your own vows? Some couples do and yet have no idea where to begin. There are so many aspects to consider. Do you want traditional vows? Perhaps you’d like to include some humor? Do you want to make promises that evoke thoughts of everyday life and also the future you envision together? An experienced offi- ciant will be able to assist you in bring- ing all the aspects that are important to you into the vows you will make to one another.
• Will you be honoring or remem- bering loved ones during your ceremony? Ask your officiant for ideas on how to do so. There are many ways with various depths of wording. If you have a loved one who has recently passed, you might be more comfort-
able with a general mention of “those
who could not be with us today.”
• Is there a wedding coordinator at your venue? If not, and you haven’t hired a wedding planner/coordinator – your officiant should be able to assist with the process of a rehearsal, and general choreography of the proces-
sional and recessional.
• Do you have a theme that you’d
like to extend into the wording of a ceremony? An experienced officiant will have many ideas to share and questions that may promote a wonder- fully creative brainstorming session on the possibilities for your ceremony.
• To meet or not to meet? Yes! If at all possible, sit down to meet with a prospective officiant to get a feel for his/her personality and professionalism.
Your officiant is an important part of set- ting the tone for your entire ceremony. One important question to ask yourself
after meeting with a potential officiant – “Do I feel that he/she heard my desires and intent for the look and feel of the ceremony?” Remember – this is your cere- mony. It should reflect your philosophies with wording and content. A good offi- ciant will help you feel more confident about the flow of your wedding ceremony, and provide happy memories of a gather- ing where you and your guests could clear- ly hear every meaningful word spoken to celebrate your union. §
Rev. Catherine Daniels ( is a professional wedding minister/officiant who has been performing custom wedding ceremonies all over Ohio since 2008. She’s a non-denominational, interfaith minister registered with the State of Ohio.

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