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don’t feel pressured to start now. Remem- ber to remain in your comfort zone. Most importantly, always make sure your toast is from the heart. Choose words and senti- ments that truly reflect how you feel about the person you’re toasting. If your words are from the heart, you can’t lose. Guests don’t expect a polished professional speaker. They do expect you’ve given some prior thought to what you have to convey and you mean what you say. They will relate to you if you keep the information personal and come across naturally.
Once you’ve grabbed the audience’s attention, take a moment to reminisce and tell the guests a few little-known facts about the bride and groom. Be brief. Keep it concise, clear and deliberate. About four minutes duration would be ideal. This is where the answers to your earlier questions will be included in the
toast. Remember, when writing funny wedding toasts absolutely never men- tion ex-girlfriends or past relationships and don’t allude to anything that paints the groom as a slacker, loser or a drunk. Making too much fun of the bride and groom is definitely not allowed. Consider your audience and remember that it will be composed of people of all ages and backgrounds. Everyone won’t appreciate off-color remarks or truly em- barrassing stories.
If you choose to skip the embarrassing recollections in favor of saving face for the groom, the middle section of your speech can include a story of how the bride and groom met or even encouraging words of advice for their future together. You may also ask close friends and relatives for sto- ries you can use. Make sure that you give equal time to both the bride and the
groom. Best men often focus strictly on their buddy, the groom. A balanced toast will help cement your future relationship with the spouse.
Be a storyteller. The secret is to reflect on past experiences and find the right story for the occasion. You could relive how the groom acted strangely the day that he proposed, or you could relate the time little Karen upstaged her teacher at the school concert, or you could highlight the groom’s generosity with the story of his willingness to dog sit for you during the holidays.
Once you have developed the appro- priate framework for your toast, there are some important tips that will make the speech flow much easier and make the entire experience more favorable.
Always arrive early and familiarize your- self with the sound system. All microphones

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