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Unique Wedding Trends
Create your own amazing experiences with these fabulous trends!
Weddings are going big and bold this year. It’s time
to say goodbye to tradition and hello to unique, personalized touches. When it comes to the guest list, people are cutting left and right, preferring a smaller wedding with all the trimmings and trappings rather than a large event with few experiences. It’s all about crafting a stunning look and providing some serious entertainment for your guests.
The Perfect Look and Feel
Wedding themes have been popular for years, but some new options are moving to the forefront this year. Whatever style you choose, pick something that really represents your personality as a couple. Your guests will love the opportunity to learn a little more about you and enjoy visiting your world for the day.
Say goodbye to rustic and hello to a woodsy, enchanted forest theme. Use rich greens and deep, bold colors with an outdoorsy venue to highlight all things nature for this beautiful look.
Dig more of a vintage vibe? Mix vintage with modern, urban touches for an update that doesn’t feel quite so historical.
A secret garden tea is beautiful with a hint of formality and a touch of tradition. Or, go completely unique with an outdoor festival vibe, complete with live music and neon details.
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