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Akron Art Museum:
The Rubber City’s Crown Jewel
A city landmark and community cultural center, the Akron Art Museum is a beacon shining bright in the heart of downtown Akron. The asymmetrical steel-and-glass museum has redefined the city with its mod- ern, award-winning architecture, creating an inviting and inspiring space for members of the community to come together to appreci- ate art and participate in an array of cultural events. For brides looking for a unique and memorable setting, the Akron Art Museum is a standout venue for weddings.
A Modern Masterpiece
Designed as an indoor piazza, the lobby has more than 7,000 square feet of space for recep- tions of up to 300 guests. The focal point of the lobby is the stunning 57-foot-tall Crystal steel and glass structure, which serves as the museum’s grand entrance.
The lobby features a dramatic
grand staircase, which is a popu-
lar location for smaller cere-
monies, wedding photography
and a couple’s grand entrance
as husband and wife to their
reception. Smaller ceremonies
are held on the staircase, while
guests are seated on the floor
below. For larger ceremonies,
many couples utilize the lobby space near the colorful large-scale mural by American contemporary artist Sol LeWitt.
“The bright colors of the mural, which contrast with the neutral tones of the lobby, create a magnificent backdrop for wedding ceremonies,” says Dominic Caruso, Design, Marketing and Communications Coordina- tor at the Akron Art Museum. “Every time I see wedding photos, I’m continually amazed at the different iterations that are possible. No two weddings are alike here.”
An Urban Oasis
Making its grand debut in July 2016, the
Bud and Susie Rogers Garden is a beautiful outdoor community space perfectly de- signed for wedding ceremonies and recep- tions. Sweeping out from the side of the museum, the one-acre garden is comprised of an outdoor plaza, green lawn and a tree- lined art oasis – a true urban refuge with groves of trees, flowers and benches. Even- tually, the garden will be home to exception- al artwork created by local and national contemporary artists.
“Our goal was to create a special place in downtown that connects the museum to the Akron community,” says Mark Masuoka,
design,” Masuoka says. “Just like the incredi- ble architecture of the museum, the garden makes a statement in itself.”
From Dinner to Dancing...
Receptions are completely customizable at the Akron Art Museum, whether a bride prefers a seated dinner or a cocktail/standing reception. To incorporate the art theme, many couples choose to have the galleries open during cocktail hour for guests to enjoy before the reception starts. In addition, the bride and groom have the opportunity to
take their wedding photos in the galleries.
Rental of the venue includes a customized floor plan; the use of museum tables; muse- um security, maintenance and event staff; an onsite events coordinator for the day of the event; use of the museum for wedding photos before and after the ceremony; and a com- prehensive bar package featur- ing a wide selection of wine, beer and liquor.
Staying Connected
Couples who get married at the Akron Art Museum can stay connected to the venue,
even years after their wedding day. The museum offers a variety of activities to enjoy year-round, including exhibition openings, cultural events and community programs.
“Along with all the possibilities brought forth by the Bud and Susie Rogers Garden, the museum features nearly a dozen exhibi- tions each year and offers engaging pro- grams for all ages. It really is a special place that you can return to again and again for inspiration and fun as your family grows,” Caruso says. n
For more information, contact the Akron
Art Museum at 330-376-9186 x212. A CW
92 O
Executive Director and CEO of the Akron Art Museum. “Families can have picnics on the lawn, people can practice yoga, and music enthusiasts can listen to live bands at our summer concert series. We encourage mem- bers of the community to come together in this space, whether for public events, private events like weddings or just a lazy Sunday afternoon with friends.”
The garden accommodates up to 400 guests for wedding receptions. This space is also well suited for cocktail hour or dancing the night away on warm summer evenings. “When a bride walks into the garden for the first time, she will be in awe of the amazing

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