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Photo opportunities are at every turn at the Historic Onesto, from lovely pic- ture windows to spectacular chandeliers. The venue is within a 10-minute drive of many local attractions perfect for wedding photography, including the Canton Garden Center, Canton City Parks, Pro Football Hall of Fame, and William McKinley Presidential Library & Museum. The downtown arts district offers a variety of creative backdrops, from eye-catching sculptures to colorful murals.
Luxury lofts to golf carts
Couples and their wedding guests have the option to stay in the Onesto’s luxury loft suites with upgrades like granite countertops, wood floors, modern appli- ances and great views of the downtown cityscape. A maximum of 10 suites are available for guests.
In addition, the Historic Onesto offers a bridal suite for the bride and brides- maids to get ready before the cere- mony. This charming space features a large antique barber chair from Paolo’s
Barber Shop, which was located inside the Historic Onesto shortly after opening.
Convenient for wedding guests, a park- ing garage provides easy access to the Historic Onesto. Valet service is also avail-
able, if desired. “We offer a six-passenger golf cart to shuttle guests from the parking garage to the front door,” Schuster says. “Guests appreciate this service, especially on days of inclimate weather.”
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