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the photographer is busy posing up the other shots. A photojournalists’ training teaches them to be aware of every event and detail surrounding them at the present time, giving them the opportuni- ty to catch spontaneous moments while the traditional wedding events occur.
As with traditional photography, you need to determine if you prefer color or black-and-white photos. Pictures do not have to be black and white to be photo- journalism. Most brides mix it up. It’s really a matter of taste. Your photogra- pher can assist you in deciding when to employ color or black and white. For example, shots taken in areas that are not terribly photogenic will look fine in black and white. Black and white photography allows the photographer to capture the emotion and feeling of an event without distraction from what’s going on in the background. Most photographers and photojournalists alike recommend taking both color and black and white, especially out of consideration for the parents’ and grandparents’ preferences, which are usually color.
You can also have a photojournalist take your engagement and bridal shots. Their approach can make them fun, casu- al and timeless, creating those great shots that you will want to hang in your home as art.
When choosing a photojournalist ask to see complete albums to get a good feel for their work making sure that the person you are speaking to will be the person tak- ing the photos. As with a traditional pho- tographer, you will be spending a lot of time with this person on a very important occasion, so make sure that your person- alities align.
Due to the creative and artistic aspect of photojournalism it is essential to ask even more detailed questions. Ask them how they would approach your wed- ding. Inquire about their background and
experience, as well as what brought them to photojournalism. Talk about your likes and dislikes in photography.
Once you and your fiancé meet with a few different photographers and see for yourself the various types of photos a
photojournalistic approach results in, you’ll be better equipped to make the comparison between traditional photog- raphy andnphotojournalism. Then you will be able to decide which style is best for you. ACW
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