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A photojournalist can capture the silent bursts of joy, silliness, breathtaking reverence and unexpected moments unique only to your day.
How does your wedding story read? Is
the plot captured in the people? Or is it captured in the details of the day? Does it focus on his face, as he stands teary-eyed in awe of you at the end of the aisle? Does it include your dad dipping your
mom on the dance floor? And do you see spontaneous moments of you laughing with your sister?
Traditional photography provides those exquisite posed shots featuring your husband and you as a married couple; and the posed bridal party smil- ing into the camera from the church steps. In addition to this, the traditional photographer will take pictures at the reception of you cutting the cake, tossing the bouquet and dancing with your new husband.
Today, though, there is an additional wedding photography option available – photojournalism.
Photojournalists want to tell your wed- ding story by capturing all the day’s de- tails, emotions, and unexpected moments. They catch the pictures of your niece twirling around in her dress all by herself, or your husband looking at you lovingly without your noticing. A photojournalist is unobtrusive. The best photojournalists create pictures that are well composed and very sensitive to the moment. It’s a very hands-off, but very engaged, and very present approach. The photojournal- ist is receptive rather than directive.
The simplistic distinction between traditional photography and photo- journalism is that there is far less pos- ing in photojournalism. Photojournalists are there to capture moments as they occur naturally. They capture exactly what’s happening rather than creating what’s happening. Telling the whole story, from beginning to end by docu- menting the details that make your wed- ding spectacular.
If you are looking for a photographer who will adhere to a list of essential shots, a pure, professional photojournal- ist may not be for you. While a few of the established posed shots can be taken, they will focus more on those unnoticed, natural moments that can be missed if
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