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first time, ask yourself the following ques- tions: Is the work professionally displayed on their website and in-person? Are reviews readily available, such as a bride’s thank-you note? Do they provide you with a referral list without hesitation? Good questions to ask prospective photogra- phers include: Do they have liability insur- ance; do they have backup photographers and equipment in case something goes wrong on your big day; how long will it take to get printed images; what will hap- pen to your images after the wedding (are they backed up to a hard drive or cloud; how long will they be kept)?
Envisioning Your Love Story
Every photographer has his or her own unique style, whether classic or modern. While you should have a vision in mind for your wedding photography, it is important to remember that professional photogra- phers are true artists.
“A professional photographer offers a fresh perspective and shows the bride and groom something they may have never considered before – that’s when the real
magic happens,” Yates explains. “They may notice special qualities about the couple or endearing interactions that will result in stunning images. The more creative flexi- bility you can give them, the more artistic and unique your photos will be.”
If you have an initial consultation with a professional photographer and the fit isn’t right, keep searching for someone that best matches your personality and style. According to Yates, you should feel a comfort level with your photographer. He or she will be working closely with you and your groom as well as family and friends throughout your wedding day.
Ready, Set, Shoot
Once you decide upon a photographer, Scott recommends signing a contract that spells out exactly what the agree- ments are, the packages and products, and what happens if something goes wrong. A professional photographer will have backup gear if their camera doesn’t work or a backup photographer if they happen to get sick on your wedding day.
After the contract has been signed, a
professional photographer will meet with a bride and groom to go over a detailed shot list, Scott explains. Essentially the game plan for the wedding photography, the shot list will ensure you that no impor- tant photos or moments will be missed during all the commotion and excitement of the big day. It gives you a clear under- standing of who, what, where, when and how all the special moments and photos need to be captured. If you want a shot added to the list, don’t be afraid to speak up and share your ideas.
Remember to think of your wedding photography in terms of an investment. Your photographs serve as a record of your wedding day and will hold even more significance many years from now.
“Professional photographers have been trained to think of themselves as preserva- tionists,” Yates says. “For example, a pro- fessional photographer will keep digital files of your photos in case your wedding album gets damaged or lost. On your wedding day and years latenr, a profes- sional photographer is truly dedicated to
preserving your memories.” AC W
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