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Planning Your BY SHANA E. MYSKO Wedding Budget
The first thing you need to start planning your wedding is an overall budget. Your budget will be the basis for every wedding detail from the florist to the photographer. There are many factors to consider when figuring out a wedding budget.
You and your fiancé should examine your income, savings and investments, and take all of your current expenses (rent, groceries, bills, etc.) into considera- tion. If you’re lucky, parents may be contributing to the cost of your wedding. Have an open and honest conversation with them about any contributions they might be making and have them help you figure out your overall budget. You may want to set your budget ten percent less than what you actually want to spend because most couples go over budget.
Here is an average breakdown of how couples divide wedding budgets. Change this list according to your own desires. For instance, if flowers are more important to you than videography, then move your budget around to suit your tastes.
To get an estimate on the amount you’ll be spending on your costs, multiply your total wedding budget by the percent- age. For instance, if your wedding budget is $20,000 and you want to allot 3% of your budget for the ceremony: $20,000 x 3% = $600 budget for the ceremony.
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