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gloves directs your team, appropriately adorned with flower wreaths and bells. At your destination, the driver or footman escorts you down the carriage steps and onto the awaiting red carpet, as the musicians break into Mendelssohn’s The Wedding March.
If this is your vision of the ultimate wedding entrance, you’ll want to carefully select your carriage company. Ask about their familiarity with your travel route to ensure the route is safe. Ask if you will have only a driver, or driver and footman, to help you board and exit. Keep in mind that a mile by carriage may take
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20 minutes. To lessen the time required, you might arrive and depart by carriage, then switch to limousine once out of sight of your guests.
Whether it’s by stretch limo, classic car or carriage, your entrance and exit will be breathtaking and memorable. As you drive away in pampered splendor, it mnay all seem like a dream. Then, you realize this
is real ... and you are newlyweds! AC W
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