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mother-of-the-bride ensembles. For alter- ations, the boutique uses two outside seamstresses – experts in bridal gowns – who come to the shop to fit the bride and bridesmaids. Alterations typical only take one to two weeks.
To give thanks to the men and women who serve our country, Stephanie Leigh Bridal partners with Brides Across Ameri- ca to give free wedding gowns to brides of military families. The Brides Across Amer- ica event takes place each year on Veter- an’s Day weekend. “This is an event very close to my heart since I have family mem- bers who have served in the military,” Farr says. “It is incredibly rewarding to make these military brides happy and to defray some of the costs of their wedding.”
According to Farr, the best part of her job is getting to know the brides and their unique stories. One particular bride, whose father had recently passed away, was against having a formal wedding and bridal gown. “Once she came into our shop and tried on a gown with her mother and family around her, she realized her father would have wanted to see her this way. So she decided to wear the gown in her father’s honor. It was very emotional for all of us.”
PMG Chocolatier and Events
From gourmet chocolate buffets to exceptional flowers, PMG Chocolatier and Events is dedicated to planning and
implementing one-of-a-kind weddings for Northeast Ohio brides. As a fully licensed event planning company, PMG has the tal- ent, expertise and passion to bring a bride’s vision to life. “We manage all the wedding details, from top to bottom, to ensure a bride has a stress-free experi- ence,” says Ed Ridenbaugh, Executive Vice President at PMG Chocolatier and Events. “All they need to do is show up at their wedding and we take care of the rest.”
Founder Perry Macheras started PMG Chocolatier (named for his initials) as a gourmet chocolate company in 2007.Both Ridenbaugh and Macheras owned a Hallmark Gold Crown store in the Mahoning Valley where they sold the handmade chocolates. Eventually, the com- pany transitioned their focus to the wed- ding industry. “We were often asked if we created chocolate fountains for weddings, so we decided on the next best idea – gourmet chocolate buffets,” Ridenbaugh
says. “Since we manufacture all our own chocolates, we started with this concept in the Pittsburgh market and it has steadily grown ever since.”
PMG’s infamous chocolate buffets are truly a work of art – both the classic hand- made chocolates and elegant presenta- tion. Brides can choose from more than 300 varieties of delectable chocolates, including chocolate-covered strawberries, chocolate marshmallow almond bars, tur- tles, chocolate mints, chocolate peanut butter smoothies, and much more. “Just like a bride does a taste test for the wed- ding cake or catering, they do the same thing with our chocolates,” Ridenbaugh explains. “They can choose exactly what they want to be included in their choco- late buffet.”
In 2015, PMG expanded to become a fully licensed event planning company. All-inclusive packages incorporate every- thing necessary for the design, planning
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