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An experienced wedding officiant can provide ideas and inspiration for your ceremony.
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Although a couple can’t get married without one, it’s sometimes the last professional to
be considered when planning a wedding – The Officiant. In times past, the vast majority of couples went to their own place of worship to request a ceremony with the help of their local pastor/priest/rabbi.
Today, there are many couples that have their own unique philosophies on life, love and spirituality outside the con- fines of religion. Some couples are active participants in a church, and yet for vari- ous reasons are not able to be married by their religious official. They’re looking for someone to help them celebrate their love publicly for all to recognize.
Non-denominational, interfaith minis- ters/officiants are free to perform cere- monies at the location of your choice. Many couples are choosing to have their ceremony at the location of the reception,
saving their guests the trouble of a lengthy wait between ceremony and reception, as well as the driving that would be involved.
An experienced wedding officiant can provide ideas and inspiration for all aspects of your ceremony. The creation of a ceremony script is a process that can be as intensive and personalized as you wish. Some officiants have only basic scripts for you to choose from. Others have basic samples, and can also provide customized ceremonies based on your personalities and preferences.
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Even if you’re not active in a religious facility, you may have close relatives who have expectations on what “should” be seen in a wedding ceremony. When inter- viewing an officiant, ask for examples of what they’ve done in the past with these circumstances.
If you and/or your partner have children, your officiant should be able to provide options for including them in the cere- mony if you wish. Depending on their ages, some “family ceremonies” may include the sand ceremony, unity candle and family pendant presentation.

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