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Everyone can fit into that small chapel you’ve been dreaming of.
You may have thought that the tiny church that only seats 75 people was out of your reach. If you cut down the guest list, you can say your vows in the lovely lit- tle space that you’ve admired since you were four years old.
Fiji, here we come!
You can sock away the money saved on your wedding for an unforgettable honeymoon. Let’s face it, you don’t really want to spend your first days as a married couple in Missouri. Enjoy a two week adventure in paradise and still have the wedding of your dreams.
Let your inner DIY Diva loose.
With a smaller wedding, suddenly those special little details that would be overwhelming with a large guest list become more manageable. Name cards for 40 people instead of 40 tables become
a fun project instead of a chore. Everyone will reap the rewards of that extra person- al attention.
Turn away those people you were scared to
say no to before.
If it’s only immediate family and a few close friends, you don’t have to worry about offending your second cousin twice removed. Simply say, “it’s only immediate family.” Granted, there may be some complaints, but everyone will have to fall into line if you’re consistent with your guest list.
Revel in the extra alone time.
Less people means more time with each guest and with your new husband. You’ll be able to take a few moments and enjoy your special day with each and every loved one, instead of flitting from table to table for a quick hug and a “thank you”. Your guests will feel more appreciated, and you’ll love snuggling up with your
hubby instead of frantically running around to greet everyone.
Save yourself some time.
If you’re having 30 people instead of 300, you won’t be spending nearly as much time addressing invitations, design- ing a seating chart, and planning a menu. Everything will be on a smaller scale, including your time commitment.
Take the pressure off.
Don’t worry about impressing all of your co-workers. Don’t fret over whether everyone will get served before the food is cold. Hosting a smaller wedding means less people-pleasing and more fun – for you, your hubby, and your guests.
Breaking it down, it’s easy to see why an intimate wedding is so appealing. Saving money is only one benefit among many that make a smaller event desirable. If the thought of a huge guest list makes you feel overwhelmed and overextended, maybe it’s time to think about paring down your list and giving yourself a break. Youncan have the wedding of your dreams without having
a headache to go along with it. AC W
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