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Photojournalism - Images That Tell The Story of Your Wedding Day
By Kristen Castillo

The term photojournalism is a buzzword in the field of photography. It means so many things to so many different people. Pinning down a concrete definition is difficult. But brides and grooms need to be in the know when researching and hiring a wedding day photographer.

Definitions of the term photojournalism are varied.  It's different with every person. Some think it's candids. Some think it's details of the day. Most experts agree it's the telling of a story from beginning to end. It's capturing the entire day. Photojournalism is not that new of a concept. It's been a part of the wedding vernacular for 10 years and now is considered mainstream. Most couples know it as unposed, documentary photography. The hallmarks of photojournalism are images that aren't posed or staged. Instead, the concept is showing all the events of the day and capturing unprompted moments like tears of joy and laughter among friends, or a child caught napping from exhaustion at the reception.

In contrast, traditional photography is based on poses and planned moments. Think of a photographer lining the wedding party up for a group photo. Everyone is posed and for a staged moment. Everyone is looking at the camera and smiling. Aside from contrived looking images, these posed shots can be time consuming and draining for the bride, groom and the wedding party. Photojournalism allows couples the freedom to spend their wedding day enjoying themselves, not mugging for the camera. Photos captured in the photojournalistic style are naturally occurring and aren't reliant on poses or multiple takes of the same shot.

Photojournalism is about capturing moments, not creating them. A photojournalistic approach to shooting a wedding is like a documentary of the day. There are shots of the guests being natural, enjoying the day dancing, laughing and smiling. And there are other shots that capture the details of the day like the centerpieces, the candles on a table and the cake being served. Combined, these images tell the story of the wedding.

Since the wedding day is a blur for most brides and grooms, they rely on some images from the day to piece the whole event together. The newlyweds may not have a chance to mingle with all the guests or to view the behind the scenes pre-ceremony excitement, so they look to candid photos to fill in the gaps. For example, a bride may have missed her nieces sorting through the rose petals before the wedding, but an unstaged photo brings the image to her in such vivid detail that she feels as though she witnessed the scene. Professional photographers have a knack for not missing anything at the wedding; their eyes are all over the place when they shoot a wedding. Such keen attention helps them capture everything that happens before, during and after the wedding.

Photojournalism is about capturing the day as it occurs. Some think it's really the best way to cover the wedding. Somebody who wasn't there could look at the photos and get a real feel for the day.

Still the term photojournalism is so widely used that the concept isn't exclusive to professional photographers who pride themselves on their docum

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